Poem: in the parking lot

Milam's Musings

Creative Commons photo I found to best try to depict the poem.

This is a poem I wrote back in early August; my first poem in 2020 (not counting haiku poems) and so far, the only thing I’ve managed to write about my break-up directly (obviously, said break-up has influenced much of my haiku poems and other writing, but I haven’t done anything directly). I submitted to a few places, some rejected it, and some, like Neuro Logical, were very kind to reject its first draft, and suggest some changes. I submitted a second version. They advised on a couple more changes. I naturally procrastinated on fixing them, and since it’s December now, and I wanted one more post for 2020, I figured I’d go ahead and give the world this poem. This “finished” project (is a poem ever finished?) is the second revised version after taking into account…

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