Ch – 11 Algebra

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Interesting Facts:

Algebra was developed more than 3500 years ago, when people of Egypt started using symbols to denote unknown numbers.

The word ‘algebra’ is derived from the book “Aljebra w’al almugabalah” by a famous Arab mathematician, Mohammed Ibn Al Khowarizmi.

The Indian name for algebra is “Beejaganit”.

Some of the famous Indian mathematicians who contributed in the study of algebra are Aryabhatt, Brahmagupta, Mahavira and Bhaskara II.


Q.1: Perimeter of a square having side “p” is ________.

a) 4 + p

b) 4/p

c) 4p

Q.2: Number of matchsticks used to make a pattern of “E” is _____.

a) 3

b) 4

c) 5

Q.3: x + 5 = 5 + x is ____________ property.

a) Commutative

b) Associative

c) Distributive

Q.4: What is the expression for the statement: “t is multiplied by 11” ?

a) 11t

b) 11 + t

c) 11 – t

Q.5: Which of…

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