Ch – 12 Ratio & Proportion

Priya's Learning Centre

Q.1: Give an equivalent ratio of 4:7

a) 16:21

b) 8:49

c) 12:21

Q.2: Out of 40 employees working in an office, 25 are female employees. Find the ratio between male employees to female employees of the office.

a) 3:5

b) 4:5

c) 5:3

Q.3: Find the missing ratio: 15:20 = ___ :12

a) 9

b) 15

c) 18

Q.4: Find the ratio of 2 m and 300 cm.

a) 2:300

b) 1:150

c) 2:3

Q.5: In a month, Ravi earns Rs 12,000. He spends Rs 4,500 and saves the remaining. Find the ratio of money he spends to the money he saves.

a) 9:15

b) 8:13

c) 9:13


Q.6: Present age of the father is 32 years and that of his son is 8 years. Find the ratio of the age of father to that of his son.

a) 16:8

b) 4:1

c) 1:4

Q.7: Check whether 30…

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