Ch – 6 Tissues (Part 3)

Priya's Learning Centre

Q.1: ____________ is a solid matrix composed of proteins and sugars.

a) Bones

b) Plasma

c) Cartilage

Q.2: Fats are stored in ____________ tissue.

a) Adipose

b) Adipocyte

c) Areolar

Q.3: Muscles contain special proteins known as ____________, which contract and relax to cause movement.

a) contractile

b) myoglobin

c) collagen

Q.4: The cells having many nuclei are known as _____________.

a) complex

b) multinucleate

c) multinuclei

Q.5: Involuntary muscles are also known as ___________.

a) smooth

b) unstriated

c) Both

Q.6: Why are voluntary muscles also called skeletal muscles ?

a) Because they can be moved only by our will.

b) Because they are mostly attached to bones.

c) None

Q.7: ____________ muscle cells are cylindrical, branched and uninucleate.

a) Heart

b) Blood

c) Bronchi

Q.8: The oesophagus and lining of the mouth are covered with ____________ epithelium.

a) cuboidal

b) squamous

c) columnar

Q.9: ___________ tissue is made…

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