Blogger Spotlight: Billy at “William’s Writings”

Bonnywood Manor

Hey, Folks.

I just checked the Bonnywood Archives, and it startled me to realize that it’s been nearly a year since I did a full feature on another blogger. Not only is this a shocking dereliction of duty on my part, it underscores something I’ve been pondering during this “start of a new year” period wherein many decent humans contemplate how they can continue being decent humans.

Of course, many of these contemplations hit the dustbin by week two of January because, after all, we are human, and our good intentions often fail to materialize as good actions. Still, I’d like to revive some of the older Bonnywood traditions that I have woefully neglected in the past year. (It would be easy to blame Covid, but really, I’ve been a bit lazy. Lounging around in my pajamas all day because we can’t go anywhere is no excuse for lack of…

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