Ch – 7 Human Environment – Settlement, Transport & Communication

Priya's Learning Centre

Q.1: The place where a building or a settlement develops is known as its __________.

a) area

b) habitat

c) site

Q.2: Settlements which are occupied for a short time are known as _____________ settlements.

a) short

b) temporary

c) permanent

Q.3: Which of these conditions is important for an ideal settlement ?

a) harsh climate

b) availability of water

c) dry land

Q.4: The people living in deep forests, mountains and deserts practice __________ cultivation.

a) commercial

b) plant

c) shifting

Q.5: The seasonal movement of people is known as _____________.

a) Transhumance

b) Transport

c) Transmission


Q.6: A __________ settlement is closely built and can be seen in flat lands.

a) compact

b) scattered

c) permanent

Q.7: Scattered settlements are usually found in ____________.

a) Hilly regions

b) Thick forests

c) Both

Q.8: Match the following :

1. Thatched roofs, mud walled housesi. Areas which receive…

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