Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Until recently, I tried to bend life to my rigid expectations.  But one day, tired and exhausted, I decided to focus on nothing of consequence—things that I didn’t care about, that had no causal relationship to any of my goals.  To my utter surprise, a feeling of well-being arose from my apathy.  Perhaps it’s coincidence, but over the next few months, that feeling of well-being began to lengthen and intensify, and my goals began to fall in place much faster than I had ever expected (one of my goals, which I had originally projected to take around ten years, took place in a few months while another which I had projected to take one to two more years happened in two months).

And then I realized it wasn’t the goals that mattered, it was the feeling of well-being—and the implication that the well-being is a natural occurrence.

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