Ch – 7 Tribes, Nomads & Settled Communities

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When the society was divided based on varnas, there were still some communities that did not follow the social rules prescribed by the Brahmins. Those communities were often called as Tribes.

Tribal Societies:

  • The members were united by kinship bonds.
  • They usually lived in forests, hills, and deserts.
  • They obtained their livelihood from agriculture, hunting-gathering or by herding.
  • They never kept written records, but they preserved their customs and oral traditions by passing on from one generation to another.
  • Tribal organisations are often based on kinship or clan loyalities.


TribesTheir Locations
Langahs, ArghunsMultan, Sind
BalochisNorth-west India
Nagas, AhomsNorth-east India
CheroBihar, Jharkhand
Mundas, SanthalsOrissa, Bengal
Kolis, BeradsMaharashtra, Karnataka
Koragas, Vetars, MaravarsSouth India
BhilsWestern & central India
GondsChhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharshtra, Andhra Pradesh
Some of the important tribes of India

How Nomads & Mobile People Lived:

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