Ch – 9 Women, Caste & Reforms

Priya's Learning Centre

Q.1: Women who died by burning themselves in their husband’s funeral pyre were known as “__________”, meaning virtuous women.

a) dasi

b) shakti

c) sati

Q.2: Traders and moneylenders belonged to ________ caste.

a) Brahmin

b) Kshatriya

c) Vaishya

Q.3: ‘Brahmo Sabha’ which was later known as ‘Brahmo Samaj’ was founded by ________________ in Calcutta.

a) Raja Ram Mohan Roy

b) Dayanand Saraswati

c) Swami Vivekanand

Q.4: In which popular festival, did devotees undergo a peculiar form of suffering as a part of ritual worship ?

a) Diwali

b) Hook swinging festival

c) Eid

Q.5: When was the law permitting widow remarriage passed ?

a) 1850

b) 1865

c) 1856


Q.6: In Telugu speaking areas of Madras Presidency, __________________ formed an association for widow remarriage.

a) Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar

b) Dayanand Sarawati

c) Veerasalingam Pantulu

Q.7: In __________, Sati system was banned.

a) 1829

b) 1857

c) 1814

Q.8: _______________…

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