Ch – 8 A Game Of Chance

Priya's Learning Centre

Q.1: Every year on the occasion of _________, there was a fair in the village.

a) Diwali

b) Christmas

c) Eid

Q.2: Rasheed went to the fair with _________ and ____________.

a) Uncle, Bhaiya

b) Didi, Bhaiya

c) Chacha, Chachi

Q.3: What did Rasheed’s uncle warn him about ?

a) Not to go too far

b) Not to buy anything

c) Both

Q.4: The shopkeeper of ‘The Lucky Shop’ was ____________.

a) old

b) middle-aged

c) young

Q.5: Which numbers were written on the discs ?

a) one to ten

b) six to twelve

c) eleven to twenty


Q.6: How much money one has to pay to select six discs ?

a) 50 rupees

b) 50 paise

c) 5 paise

Q.7: Which of the following things were won by the older boy ?

a) fountain pen, table lamp, pencils

b) fountain pens, table lamp, comb

c) comb, pencils, table…

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