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I have wondered this myself, as my novel is set in real places in Colorado…
I do have a question along the same lines:
How important in fiction-dystopian writing is geographical accuracy and specificity? People living here would know the difference and could be distracted by inaccuracies. People that are not familiar with the area may get lost in the details. And maybe the book hits big and fanatics want to follow the journey for themselves just to find it doesn’t exist. What direction would you go?


Hi Dacia,

Eh… it really depends on what your goal is. When I wrote Magnifica, I wanted to basically bring the fantasies of so many geeks to life: Reality with Fantastic creatures. Society as we know it with the inclusion of Elves, Dwarves, and others. Impossible? Maybe, but I was going to try.

My problem was that there was virtually…

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