Jumpstart Your Art


It’s not uncommon to feel a bit of a creative let-down following all the excitement of the holidays. For the last several weeks our attention has probably been focused elsewhere — family, shopping, gift-wrapping, baking, and traditional events. Now, we’ve taken down the decorations, we’ve put the house in order again, and we might feel like sitting down, putting our feet up, and doing… nothing. We’ve deserved a good rest, right?

Well, sure. Sometimes we need a break, but sooner or later that creative spirit will be calling again. We’ll rush back to our drawing board, our easel, our watercolors. But just getting there may not be enough. I know this quite well from personal experience.

When we moved to our new home last April, it took me a few weeks to set up my art studio. Even then, however, when I hurried to the studio, I found myself wondering…

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