Past Imperfect – #375

Bonnywood Manor

Cary: “So, did you sneak in the hacksaw so I can cut through these bars and blow this joint?”

Katharine: “I might have. Or maybe I didn’t. You need to answer some questions first.”

Cary: “I got nothin’ else to do in here except hope that I don’t become somebody’s girlfriend. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Ask away.”

Katharine: “Well, since you mentioned girlfriends, the word on the street is that you have plenty of them. I don’t think you take me seriously.”

Cary: “I always take you seriously. Especially your hair. One wrong move and I could lose an arm.”

Katharine: “You got a problem with my hair?”

Cary: “I think you’re the one that has a problem with hair.”

Katharine, pausing and blowing smoke: “You got a lotta sass for somebody that’s about to assume the position and pray for daylight. Maybe me and the hacksaw…

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