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Plants are grouped on the basis of plant body components, presence of specialised tissues, ability to bear seeds, etc. Based on these factors, plants are classified as:

  1. Thallophyta
  2. Bryophyta
  3. Pteridophyta
  4. Gymnosperms
  5. Angiosperms


  • They do not have well-differentiated body design.
  • They are predominantly aquatic.
  • The plants of this group are commonly known as “Algae”.
  • Eg: Ulothrix, Chara


  • The plant body is differentiated to form stem and leaf-like structures.
  • Specialised tissue for conduction of water is absent.
  • These plants are known as “Amphibians” of plant kingdom, because even though they live on land, they need water for reproduction.
  • Eg: Moss, Marchantia



  • Their body is differentiated into roots, stem and leaves.
  • They have specialised tissues to conduct water and other substances from one plant part to another.
  • Eg: Marsilea, Ferns

The thallophytes, bryophytes and pteridophytes are called “Cryptogamae” or “Those with hidden reproductive organs”, because their reproductive parts are…

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