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TELETUBBIES is kids show that personally reminds me of my childhood…. a lot of people find that show boring and weird but unfortunately, behind an innocent kid show there is a heartbroken story

so the Teletubbies is actually based on an institute for the mentally disabled in Bulgaria named “LALALAND ” actually I don’t know if it is her real name or just a nickname but anyways so in this institute, there are kids that been abandoned by their parents and also the people that they were working there were treating those kids so badly.

so the show is based on a group of 4 children who all die on the same day in a terrifying way
Those 4 kids had congenital malformation that makes them smile all the time that called ” ANGELMAN SYNDROME”

THE FIRST KID TINKY WINKY 8 years old was deaf that’s why he’s parent abundant…

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