Past Imperfect – #234

Bonnywood Manor

8 Points of Consideration whilst reviewing this 1948 publicity still of Jane Greer:

1. What’s the oddly-placed tassel all about, dangling amidst her searchlights? Does she inflate when you pull it? Do you get a refund if she doesn’t? (The Tassel: “I really should have paid more attention in high school. I had such dreams. This isn’t one of them.”)

 2. Why is she waving the sunglasses around instead of wearing them? Did no one explain to her how they worked? (Kim Kardashian: “Wait, I can promote a product without actually using it? Sign me up!”)

3. What is the symbolism of the tiger fish swimming through flames on the garment barely covering her crotch? (The Garment: “There are days when it’s really hard to love the one you’re with.” The Crotch: “Sometimes I feel like you really don’t respect me.” The Garment: “Sometimes?”)

4. Why are her legs crossed?…

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