I learnt…

Offshore Writings

I learnt…
To overcome the tragedies
To survive the hardest times
To face those moments of pain
And still manage to be kind

I learnt…
To still stand up with courage
Though standing on my own
To still get up and face each day
Even when I feel alone

I learnt..
To be an anchor, strong and true
That person loyal to the end
To be a constant source of hope
To my family and my friends

I learnt…
To live a life of decency
To share my heart and soul
To always say I’m sorry
When I harmed both friend and foe

I learnt…
To be proud of whom I’ve tried to be
And this life I chose to live
To make the most of every day
By giving all I have to give

I learnt…
To live a life that matters
To be someone of great worth

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