Voicing My Soul’s Language

Fearless Free Soul

She was speaking, but, I couldn’t understand. He was saying something, but, nothing translated. It wasn’t just the words I couldn’t understand, it was the energy behind those words. Vibrations, energies and frequencies are languages, and I speak the vibration of my soul.

They can try to get to me, they can force themselves upon me, but, the voice of my soul is strong and knowing; if you’re a match then I’ll hear you. Words are magical, vibration is eternal and effortless. Like waves they come and go; their tide can turn at any moment.

You could be a language I speak right now, or you could be a distant holler. You could be a faint whisper, or you could be a voice I understand like the breath of my being. You could be a chorus I’ll forever understand for you are my destiny. You can be whatever, I will…

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