The Lion King

Cinematic Nostalgia

The Lion King (1994)

Directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff


Simba is the young son of Mufasa, the lion ruler of the Pride Lands in Africa. While Mufasa attempts to teach his son how to be a wise and just king, his brother Scar plots to murder Simba so that he can assume the throne himself. His first attempt, luring Simba to an elephant graveyard so that his hyena minions can kill him, is foiled by Mufasa. He then comes up with a plan to hopefully eliminate both father and son at once.

Scar leads Simba into a gorge, through which the hyenas then stampede a herd of wildebeest. When Mufasa attempts to rescue him, Scar throws him off a cliff. Mufasa dies, and Scar convinces a grieving Simba that it’s his fault. Simba flees the Pride Lands in shame, and Scar becomes the new king. Simba nearly…

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