4 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Natural Makeup Look!

Lightweight, minimal, glowy makeup without the cakiness? Yes, I’ve got you!

I think it’s safe to say everyone, “natural, glowing makeup” is everyone’s go-to right now. It looks easy, but can be a mission to recreate. 2021 is all about glowing skin, feathered brows and a rosy blush. But we all know, we can get a little carried away with our makeup. There’s a fine line between a minimal makeup look and an everyday glam. I even struggle! From too much mascara, concealer, to a caterpillar brow you’ve created unintentionally, and eyeliner looking like you’ve been left alone with a sharpie marker. The struggle is real. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, take note of these natural makeup mistakes you need to watch out for!

Natural Makeup Mistake No.1: Not Preparing your Skin

American Psycho – Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale)

Exfoliating is a vital part in having skin ready…

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