My Butterfly!

Offshore Writings

I have a garden, colourful and sweet,
In it, is a Butterfly so exquisite,
And my love for it would never fluctuate!

Love compasses all, they say,
It may seem true all the way,
Until the one thing that you love, starts to fly away!

Love is a beautiful bridge,
Once broken, can never be built,
The pain it causes can never be dealt.

If you love someone, set them free,
If they comeback, they are yours,
If they don’t, you’ll cry for hours!

My Butterfly has now left my garden,
It’s wings have become beautiful and wide,
I pray, that it doesn’t land on a poisonous vine.

The garden now lays desolate,
I’m gonna burn it down with Ethyl Acetate,
I badly want somebody to stop me before it’s too late!

Hi, hope you all are doing good! Recently I’ve been so busy, I wasn’t able to post regularly…

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