Ignore It, Will Robinson!! Fake Fake Fake!

Marilyn's Room

Happy Friday, folks!

Well the quite curious news is that the (fake) police officer at the (fake) U S C a p i t ol in surr e c tion, who was  involved in the (fake) shooting of the (fake) As hli Babbit has basically been declared not guilty of shooting her (in her absolutely entirely fake and staged death) and the case is now officially closed.

Well, hmmmmm. Wasn’t that just awful — the weeping and wailing of her family and friends, decrying how unjust that decision was and that something has got to be done to somehow justify her innocent death….

Wait — you didn’t see that footage??

That’s because there wasn’t any. As we shared with you here back in, like, late January — the entire thing was staged and FAKE.

Hmmm. Much like that weird C* VID scam dem ic. And the (seriously dangerous) fake vaxes.

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