Life is just once….

Offshore Writings

It’s always fun and pleasant
To receive a wonderful present
Wrapped in paper and ribbons of gold
A gift of value and beauty untold!

On a special event that you attend
Received from a brother or a friend
Such gifts make us really feel good
They have the power to change our mood!

Everyday we get nature’s gift for free
Just think about all the beauty we see
The song of a bird and flowers that bloom
The peace we find at dawn in our room!

There is so much in nature to be adored
All too often simply gets ignored
The gifts of nature is always there
Start seeing it and you will love, I swear!

So is the love, the greatest gift from God
But all too often we forget to applaud
Caring is another gift from above
As valuable as the gift of love!

Love and care…

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