The Festival

deepak sharma writes

Image Courtesy – Ravi Kant on Pexels.com

The vibrance of the impending festivities enveloped the entire village with renewed vigour and liveliness as people shopped, replaced the old with the new and looked forward to the beginning of a new season and welcoming the long-gone relatives back in the house. The excitement of seeing the worn-out faces of the owns who left to earn a living for themselves and also support the ones staying back, was palpable on everyone, as a morose town slowly sprang to life.

The number of vehicles entering the newly laid out asphalt road continued to swell as visitors slowly moved out of the bus or the vans, looked around, before taking a deep breath of the place they spent their childhood in, and which now seemed all strange but uncannily familiar, the fragrance of the air brought back memories of the time spent long ago…

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