To all the boys….


This is a story of four friends.

Two boys and Two girls,I know it’s a perfect balance of a group but let me tell you each of their lives is equally imbalanced…..

Anirudh woke up with a pang in his heart,yet another day of facing people and problems. He still couldn’t come in terms with the fact that he has lost his father forever. It’s been a month today but still it feels like yesterday. However,he collects himself and goes to the school.

While sneaking out from the window he says to himself,’Why do I feel so much pain everyday? Should I talk about it to anyone?’


‘No, I should deal with my problems by myself! What’s the point of sharing!! Whatever let’s focus on chemistry for now!

Then at recess he goes to meet his three friends- Shivangi, Aisha and Ravi. Whom he considers as his escape from…

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