Can We Reverse Our “Wing Flaps”?

Mitch Teemley

Butterfly - photo by Nathan Dumlao (unsplash.com)Photo by Nathan Dumlao

Thought for the Week

I find the butterfly effect intriguing: the idea that the mere flap of a butterfly’s wing in, say, Nebraska could start a chain reaction leading to a tsunami in Sr Lanka. The point being that, with each “wing flap,” i.e. word or deed, we initiate a chain of effects.

Sometimes for good: An old college student of mine, now a well-love pastor and community leader, looked me up. He astonished me by telling me that my class, along with the student dinners my wife and I hosted, had profoundly affected the course of his life.

Sometimes for bad: Another student (different class), his wife informed me, was deeply offended by something I said or did. But I have no idea what it was because he refused to ever speak with me again. Sometimes our wing flaps can’t be reversed.

But sometimes…

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