A Word of Advice: Upgrading My Skills


Hi Kally,

As you know, the economy is not very good right now, there are very few jobs in the market and many new graduates hunting for any kind of available jobs.

Recently, my company is going through a revamp and restructuring. I have been in this company for the past 15 years. I am an administrative assistant in a shared pool of administrative and secretarial staff. I love my workplace, my job and the people that I am working with. From the shared pool of 40 staff, we have dwindled to 20 this past year. Some left because of personal reasons, but many left because they are retrenched.

During my appraisal, I asked my supervisor about this issue. As you can tell, my worries that I may one day left without a job. A job that I love so much. My supervisor told me to upgrade myself and make…

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