One Day

Goutam's Writings

One day,
A patch of cloud
Broke free and set out.
Riding the wings
Of the friendly breeze.
Curly and dark,
Like your beautiful locks,
It came and curled around the sun;
Just like your locks lay
Spread out over my face
One day. 

One day,
A chance encounter
At the riverfront. 
You and I,
Not a soul around.
Our eyes conversed
Before the lips engaged.
The smile,
Playing on your lips,
Attempting to break free
Of the shroud of shyness;
Like the sun 
Peeping from behind the blob of cloud;
It's rays, a sparkle on the waters
Just like your smile
Had dazzled me,
One day. 

Poem Copyright Goutam Dutta


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