Living Root Bridge in Meghalaya, India – Umshiang Double Decker Living Root Bridge !

The Wandering Indian

It shakes, not just from the force of your feet striding along the pathway, but also from the winds that blow across the boisterous stream. You’re tempted to look down, but then a sense of fear grips your heart. Bridges do collapse, even the ones that are made more resourcefully using modern machineries; so trusting in the footsteps of my local guide, David, over this perilous bridge was either lunacy or an act of self-liberation.

living root bridge in Meghalaya are handmade from the aerial roots of rubber fig trees by the Khasi and Jaintia tribes
living root bridge trek with my guide, David

These bridges are the basic skeletal structures that would one day (after a couple hundred years) transform into sturdy living root bridges. One may ask, how? Well, the Khasi people of this village are endowed with a special engineering skill—by carefully snaking the climbing roots of tress around these basic structures, they allow the roots to grow. The roots grow along these structures for decades and eventually…

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