How kids actual talk, not how we adults perceive they talk.

The Novel: UnHoly Pursuit: Devil on my Trail

A kid’s conversation

I’m notwriting this for anyone to allow profanity within their household. I’m writing it as an eyeopener as to what kids talks about when parents and guardians aren’t around. Profanity is usually a cover up for what’s  really bothering them. So please dig deeper. The suicide rate of young people is too high not to try and peep into their world and see what’s going on.

As one who used to work with lots of children I can testify to the fact their every day vocabulary, is far more colorful and crass than their parents or guardians know.

Often times it’s said to blend in with their peers. Like the boys in the video said to appear tough. But their concerns are real. They’re just trying to learn their way in a world that’s new and often confusing to them.

I am disputing the age limit…

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