Once upon a time there lived some hapless peoplilodes. Everything was always going wrong for them. It wasn’t for want of trying that everything went wrong for them. No, they tried really really hard. Every day they got more and more exhausted, and cried and cried. Nothing could ever go right again, they thought. Thier health suffered, and everythiing suffered. And Mr. Peopililode got into a real mess and his digestive system really suffered. And he had to have a telephone conversation with Dr. Obu. And Dr. Obu prescribed apples. Especially golden russets and pink lady ones and he said that he would see Mr. Peoplilode in the fruit aisle at Tescos. He said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and that if Mr. Peoplilode ate an apple a day, then he wouldn’t have to see people like him, Dr. Obu. And just for a little while…

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