From Mao to Deng to Xi Zinping ,has there been a political reform in China apart from economic reform ?

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China in 2018 celebrated 40 years of its economic reforms which the whole world has seen. The rate of China’s growth in the previous decades is unprecedented and unimaginable

.With high export­ led growth, per ­capita income rose by 70 times. Hundreds of millions of the rural poor found employment, and moved into the urban and industrial middle class. Foreign investors poured in a cumulative $2.7 trillion, and reaped handsomerewards. China became a factory to the world and also a fastest emerging power in the international arena. These reforms which were mainly economical were initiated by Mao Zedong and were carried forward by Deng Xiaoping.

After becoming the leader of the Chinese Communist Party, Deng changed the way of economic reforms in the nation. From a purely socialist economy now it adopted the features of a market based economy which laid red carpets for the investors and also set up…

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