Television Advertisements : A boon or bane ?

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As we all know that 90% of consumers rely on advertisments. Advertisments which are showcased just washes the brain of the viewer or a consumer.

It is obvious that the viewer can be a small child, an adult or an old aged person. Advertisments make an impact on everyones lives especially on the lives of children.These kiddos tries to act the personality they are viewing on TV and tries to copy their dangerous stunts.

According to me this is not their fault the main problem is of the one who is telecasting without giving any warning. Like do not try this at home, it is not like that they are not giving any warning they give by writing very small which is hardly visible.Showing such stunts!I

s this not riskyThe main problem is that no one pays attention to these details and no one cares, they are just earning the…

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