Over The Rainbow Bridge

Hatchu opened his eyes and found himself in a mesmerising meadow of greens. The constant pain in his hind limbs was no more there. Neither was there the nagging agony in his kidneys. He slowly lifted his right leg just a little bit to mark his territory. He was scared, that like every time, there […]

Over The Rainbow Bridge

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  1. Thank you so much for showcasing this short story of mine – The heart touching tale of a Pug dog’s journey to find his family and delve into the realm of soul searching.

    An entertaining tale for a child and a philosophical revival for any adult.

    This story is dedicated to our beloved boy, our loving Pug Dog Hatchu (25th July 2011 – 20th September 2019), to Misty my first dog, a female German Spitz (1985 – 1999), and to all dogs everywhere. No one can love you like a dog…

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