Private people, political pawnsScratching for survival on the barren plains.Tufts of autumn grasses, scraggly skeleton treesA frozen mist of greydescends on them all. Flickering flames fight for lifebeneath four large twigscrossed unevenly abovethe mound of ashes. Vacant eyes stare despairingly.The route to freedom pushes backBehind them an equally determined forcehems them in. No return to […]


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  1. Hi. As I am the author of the above work ‘In The Murk’ I would appreciate it if you would first ask before posting my work as you have here without any credit to myself.

    This is not even a reblog with a clear comment from yourselves.

    I would like it if this is taken down, please.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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    • Hi, Please check the post again. its only a reblog. Rebloging on WordPress means simply sharing a post as we share it in other social networks such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.
      The post is not a copy but its simply a link of reference to your site.
      Therefore the full Credit belongs to you. Hope you got it. Thank You.

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