What are the 12 Main Sivananda Yoga Asanas?

Eliza Blooms

What are the 12 Main Sivananda Yoga Asanas?

In Sivananda yoga, a subtype of yoga developed from Hatha yoga, there are 12 core poses that the series centers around. Though in traditional Sivananda classes these poses are practised in a set sequence as outlined below, these main yoga asanas (or postures) are popular among many types of yoga, especially hatha yoga.

The core concept of these 12 main yoga asanas is that they combine, together with deep breathing exercises and deep relaxation, to offer spiritual growth alongside physical and mental wellbeing. Whether you want to practise Sivananda yoga in your own time, or develop your Hatha yoga practice by working on these core asanas, this comprehensive guide will take you through each of the 12 asanas and how to utilise them in your yoga practice.

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1. Headstand (Sirsasana)


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