Day: January 16, 2023

The Rise Of AI-Generated Content

Renard shares his views on AI-generated content.The Rise Of AI-Generated Content

Change of Heart

Memories became triggers,encountered thoughts all linger.Worn visions were much bigger,exhaustion killed her vigor. Wished the past was retractive,and future days attractive.Her head always combative,unfocused mind abstractive. A provocative day dream,muffles all loud inner screams.Horizons of bright light beams,form ambitions with pure gleam Lost hopes dissolve gracefully,delights appear gleefully.Her heart dances playfully,she ponders life joyfully. Minds … Continue reading Change of Heart

Inner Whispers

Hum words with pictures,set deep in her mind,Colors turn intense,as she paints her rhymes. Rhymes open deep zones,that flow on non-stop,they carry mixed tones,so smooth yet quite sharp. Sharp shadows that danceinside of her head,link lyrics with tunes,sewn tight with clear thread. Thread made of blocked dreams,that somehow feel real,profound messages,made of tarnished steel. Steel … Continue reading Inner Whispers