I Whispered.

I Whispered.


whisper|ˈ(h)wispər|verb speak very softly using one’s breath without one’s vocal cords. literary(of leaves, wind, or water) rustle or murmur softly. [usually insingular]a slight trace; a hint: ORIGINOld Englishhwisprian, ofGermanicorigin; related toGermanwispeln, from the imitative base of whistle

A reading of I Whispered, from the forthcoming collaborative volume of new lyrical ballads, Archery In The UK, by Ingrid Wilson & Nick Reeves.

  • 1. Tend toward magic realism; the natural, the super natural. 2. Eschew cliché, bandwagon & first draft. 3. Embroider! Embrace! Embody! 4. Blend language with landscape and vice versa. 5. Hike hill and lake, comb beach and page. Take to tarmac, to barricade, to battlement, to barrow. Encircle cathedrals and castles, clockwise and widdershins. 6. Experiment – with form, narrative and structure; be it sonnet, ballad, pantoum, postcard. 7. Collage, tesselate. 8. Cajole, conjure, create. Excellence is your goal. 9. Romanticists, nurture…

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