In the old place


Warm cloudy morning. I’m getting dressed pants, a blouse, a blazer and sandals. She put on her make-up and let her hair down. With a light step, I walk along a gorgeous street, full of fragrant flowers, which leads to my favorite bookstore. I look at the clock, it’s exactly 11 o’clock.

I walk into the bookstore and my breath catches for a moment. I saw a familiar face. It’s been a year since I saw that enigmatic smile and fiery green eyes. I paused for a moment and quickly hid behind the bookshelf, hoping he wouldn’t see me. I picked up a book with an interesting title and started reading the contents.

– You can’t escape the past, she’s here, whether you want to or not. – he whispered softly.

I turned and stared at my past and future.

I think this is the right book for you…

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